Special Blessings Korat

Praise God our ministry is growing. We have been praying and earnestly seeking God in a new and exciting direction. As many of you know we have been sharing our home with KaoHawm, a 5-year-old girl who is deaf and has Down syndrome. God was so generous to share her with us during the last year and four months. We have learned so much about God’s faithfulness to His promises. But equally as valuable we have learned the challenges of raising a special needs child in Thailand. Some large cities in Thailand now have schools that provide education for special needs children. It is this that led us to begin looking for a part time place to rent in a large city about 2 hours from Blessing Home Isan. We had three major objectives. First, to find sign language classes for KaoHawm. Second, to find one-on-one Thai language classes for us.  Third, to do some investigative work. We were wondering if the special education community in Korat would be receptive to an early intervention program in this area.

The facilities working on early intervention and preparing parents to help their children are almost nonexistent. Many of these parents are poor and uneducated, but desire the best for their children all the same.

We are thankful. God in His faithfulness has met all three objectives in the most miraculous way. First, KaoHawm is now attending a 1 hour one-on-one session for Thai sign language 3 days a week. Second,  we have been blessed with a wonderful Thai language teacher who is miraculously a Christian. And Third, we have met with the special education department at a major university in Korat. They are thrilled with the possibilities of free training for the poor of Korat and with the possibilities of receiving children in their program that would have fallen through the cracks previously. And BTW the director of the special education program at the University is also a Christian. This is nothing short of miraculous since the percentage of Christians in Thailand is >1%. 

Then God made the passage promising he would do beyond what we ask, think or even dream real to us. He has supplied a house in Korat. We are renting for it a very reasonable price. This home will be perfect to use as a start up facility for Special Blessings Korat and Blessing Home Korat. We will be able to live in the upstairs and use the bottom floor for working with special needs children during the week and we are praying that God will make it possible for a new church plant to meet in the area on Sundays. Plus next year Vicki will begin teaching English to young teens in this home in the evenings. We will still have the responsibility of Blessing Home Isan. We are splitting our time between the two homes now. Because we are from Texas, the 1 1/2 hour drive is just a hop, skip, and jump away. We feel incredibly blessed by these opportunities.