Boo and Nam

Meet Boo (age 12) and Nam (age 10) and their grandmother. They live in this house with no electricity or indoor plumbing. Their mother left them when they were babies when she began another family in a nearby town. No one sends support to this family. They depend on the goodness of others for food and other necessities.


Blessing Home Isan is now putting these boys on scholarship. The only requirement for receiving this support is to stay in school and attend English classes. It is summer break here and generally, we do not provide scholarship funds for meals during this time. However, the need is so great we will be providing support immediately. Money for food will be managed for them by one of the church leaders. She will bring them to Blessing Home each Sunday to attend Carol’s English/Thai Sunday School Class.


The BHI Foundation is committed to ensuring success in school for all of our scholarship students. In addition to money for school lunches, we buy school uniforms, class polo shirts, jump drives for computer classes, and glasses for those who need them. For these boys, we bought bicycles so they can attend school because they walk 2.5 miles to school and back each day.


Please pray, pray, pray for this family. Their situation is ominous. Once male students in Isan are able to drop out of school at age 13-14 they go to work in the fields, thus ending all hope of a better future and breaking this cycle of poverty. Our goal is to keep these kids in school until they graduate.

--Vicki Brown