It is Sunday again...

It is Sunday again. Seemed like work to get to Non Somboon this morning. But as I sit surrounded by my Thai family loving and praising our common Father, I find my peace. No, I find His peace. 

February 1st we began maintaining two residences. We now have a very small house in Non Sonboon and a house in larger town about 1 1/2 hours away so we can all attend language classes has been great. We are also working in preparation for the new ministry called Special Blessings Korat. It has been a tremendous blessing. But now we are tired. We have committed to participate in many extra activities but still have the responsibilities of teaching and overseeing the scholarship program and English classes in Non Somboon. 

So it is Sunday morning and I am tired. We got here just in time for me rush in the house to print my activity page for the bible class I facilitate on Sunday mornings. My printer is in a foul mood. I got 2 of the 4 pages I intended to use printed before it was absolutely time to go find my kids. 

So there I sit catching only the last 5 minutes of worship before it's time to  take the kids over to the classroom to teach.  

Then it happens, the church leader begins talking about one of my precious kids. She is 13, is receiving a Blessing Home Isan scholarship, and has been in our English class for 2 years. I don't understand every word that is said but this much I get. "She went to teacher Carol's Sunday class and learned that God made the world. She went to the leaders of the church because she wanted to know more." Opening up the Bible they taught her about Jesus and now she has given her life to Him. 

It is still Sunday morning. Suddenly, I am not so tired anymore. I feel the love and promises of God wash over me like streams of living water, never ceasing. He is alive and as powerful as ever. I stand on His promises. Now and forever. Amen. 

Inviting Jesus into her life. 

Inviting Jesus into her life.