Another Sunday Another Blessing

All my days are blessings but some doubly so. Today would be one of those days. About 25 weeks ago I decided to begin praying for each of our scholarship/English students by name daily. Although I have not been completely faithful to accomplishing this daily, God has been faithful andI have seen amazing things happening.

About 10 weeks after I started to pray for these children some began coming to Christ. Immediately after this I decided that I needed to pray that someone anyone would step-up and begin in earnest teaching the children that had confessed faith in the Lord. Church is certainly the only place they will hear about Jesus. I began falling on my knees urgently begging God to intervene. My words were something like, “God you must raise someone up to teach these children. Touch their hearts with the urgency of grounding these children in the faith.”

Well……….the next week I found a website with free bible stories made for children in both Thai and English that mirror each other. I said, “Really God, me? You want me to do this? Don’t I have enough to do already.”  But I was sure that that is exactly what he was calling me to do.

The class has grown from 10 to 33 children and PRAISE GOD some are bringing there parents. Two new families have made faith statements and are faithfully participating in all aspects of our church life. (Even the 40 days of prayer the church began this month to beseech God for the lives of the people in their community and in Thailand itself.)

I am beginning to hand over some of the activities to the older children and getting some of the women involved on a more regular basis. My prayer is that soon this class will be taught by the Thai Christians and I can teach a English class in the afternoon. I can perhaps reinforce the lesson. Baby steps. They are such new Christians.

We have about 40 children on scholarship this year and 8 of those children are attending a youth leadership program intended to develop church leadership for the next generation. 

The leader of the Group is one of our college scholarship students. None of the 8 children have parents that are interested in learning about God. 3 of the 8 have grandparents that know the Lord.

Pray for these beautiful children.

Blessed is such a inadequate word for what I feel. I am overwhelmed by the mercy of God. His grace is in the very breath I breath. I am drowning in his love.