Special Blessings Three Weeks In

Hello Friends. We just finished week 3 at Special Blessings. There is really no way to express my complete JOY. Someone called it finding your “Sweet Spot”, and it is very sweet. The Casting Crowns song Thrive comes to mind.

We know we were made for so much more Than ordinary lives.
It's time for us to more than just survive.
We were made to thrive.

That is how I feel. My body is tired and sore from crawling around with toddlers but my heart is so very full. I am Thriving. -Carol

The facts for you who are interested:

We are serving 4 children this first year. The parents have generously allowed me to share their stories.


1. Aunda is a very robust 3.5 year old who is extremely smart and is correcting my Thai on most days. Aunda had premature closures of his skull sutures which caused some brain damage at the motor level. He has very little functional use of his arms and legs. He is unable to walk. feed, toilet or dress himself. We are working toward getting him some required mobility devices but they are rare and VERY expensive here. Prayer required. Our Goal for Aunda is to have him ready to attend school next year with typically developing peers.  Praying for Aunda is not difficult. God we need your miraculous touch for our precious boy.

2. Putter is a 4.5 year-old that has a diagnosis of Autism. He is bright and beautiful but locked into a difficult sensory world. His favorite activity is watching YouTube videos in English. His spoken “words” are all English even though his family speaks very little English.  (I say “words” instead of language since these “words” are parroting and have little functionality in his day to day life.) He is responding very well to picture communication and is already out of diapers and doing some nice self-calming. God is good and has been planning for him since before he was born.

3. Gamboo is a 4 years old girl. She is also diagnosed as being Autistic. She had a rough life even before her birth. The young teenage mother did not tell anyone she was pregnant and continued with very poor life style choice thoughout the pregnancy. Gamboo has trouble with sensoryregulation. She displays atypical sensory processing that interferes with everyday life. She is obsessed with Thai letters and putting them in order. She will become frustrated and will obsess to meltdown. We have had to remove all Thai letters from the public areas. We are reintroducing them slowly in small doses so she can learn how to play and work with letters without obsessing to meltdown. She is a delightful child with a great disposition until her obsessions take control. She then become difficult. However we have seen marked improvements in the short time she has been with us. Thanks be to God for his divine intervention.

4. Nammon is a delightful 4 year old boy who had a traumatic brain injury when he was 8 months old. The details of this injury are unavailable and I am not able to share his story in writing. But I can tell you prayers for this little one are coveted.  He only began walking last year and although he came to us in diapers and on a bottle he has been very teachable. He is out of diapers and is getting better nutrition. He is a slow learner and he takes a while to process information. However he is learning and participating well. We believe that we will be able to send him to school with his peers next year and he will learn and thrive at his level. God is good.

God has shown up so big in this mix of kids. We are so grateful to God for his amazing gifts.

Love to all, Vicki and Carol